U.S. History

How to score an A
  • Complete chapter readings before Sunday evening. 
  • Attend every class
  • Participate whenever possible in class discussions. 
  • Mid-term and Final exam essay questions are given ahead of time.  Identify your essay talking points.  Practice writing out your essay answers.
  • See your professor if you fail more than two quizzes.
  • Go to the Writing Center with your essay.  Have them proof read it.
  • Have your roommate read your essay out loud to you.
  • Prepare early for exams
  • Attend class before Thanksgiving.
  • Complete any optional assignments if they are offered by the professor.

How to score an F

  • Miss class
  • Be overextended
  • Don’t read the assignments
  • Inadequate preparation: No or poor study preparation for quizzes and exams, studying the wrong information
  • “Too little, too late,” waiting until the night before to read shapter assignments
  • Mañana - Waiting to the last day(s) to write your interpretive essay.
  • Waiting until it’s too late to ask for help when struggling
  • Failure to prioritize studying when struggling academically. Failing students are unwilling to make sacrifices to improve their scores.